October 17, 2021
ConstellR and ScanWorld, two satellite data providers, have formed cooperation to supply high-value agriculture data

ConstellR and ScanWorld, two satellite data providers, have formed cooperation to supply high-value agriculture data

ConstellR and ScanWorld, two satellite data providers, will combine their hyperspectral imagery and thermal infrared capabilities to produce high-quality Earth Observation data for a broad range of sustainable farming applications.

ConstellR, based in Germany, is a leader in the utilization of the thermal infrared imagery for the purpose of crop health monitoring, precision agriculture, and long-term resource management. This data employs evapotranspiration as a primary metric of crop water need, which is crucial for yield monitoring and irrigation, with surface temperature as the main indicator. Importantly, this information enables farmers to prevent crop losses before they become irreparable.

ScanWorld, established in Belgium, uses hyperspectral imaging to capture data from all around the electromagnetic spectrum. This technology enables the detection of minute changes in the plant physiology, and the quantification of proteins and disease identification, to aid forestry management and global agriculture. 

As a result, the synergy between these two critical earth observation data sources aids in the delivery of new, actionable insights, as well as more effective utilization of resources and greater sector sustainability.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ScanWorld and ConstellR will cover interoperability and standardization of data products, as well as the creation of collaborative data products and services and the possibility of collaborating on commercial initiatives.

The collaboration also ensures that existing initiatives will continue to work together in the future. “This partnership strengthens our complementarity with massive institutional missions like the Copernicus initiative in Europe or Surface Biology and Geology System of NASA in the United States, allowing us to provide even better service to the clients in agriculture and beyond,” says ConstellR CEO Max Gulde. In fact, I feel that what we’re doing here is going to be a game revolution for all ESG monitoring initiatives, allowing for unprecedented timeliness, accuracy, and precision in global quantification of important metrics.”

ScanWorld General Manager Guerric de Crombrugghe adds, “We both profit from the world-class techno-scientific background.” “This motivates us to produce high-quality goods, which is a must when providing operational services. This is critical not only in agriculture, where the harvest is at stake but also in other industries. This is a game-changer when it comes to affordability.”

ConstellR is a satellite data and services company that is paving the way for the Agritech industry by providing daily worldwide land surface temperature maps. ConstellR delivers the foundational global data for the purpose of smart crop monitoring, detecting anomalies in crop health days or even weeks before they become obvious and allowing farmers to respond quickly to issues.

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