September 22, 2021
How Phil Mickelson’s history-making major victory was a family affair

How Phil Mickelson’s history-making major victory was a family affair

The man tasked with keeping Phil Mickelson in check as the pressure ramped up on a major championship Sunday has had years of experience with him.

Tim Mickelson caddied for his brother Phil during his record-breaking PGA Championship victory on Sunday, with which Mickelson became the oldest major winner in golf history. And while Tim was the only person who had direct contact with Mickelson on the course, their mom was trying to send her own piece of advice to “Philip” from afar. “Text Philip and tell him just to par in,” Mary Mickelson texted to his sister Tina, she revealed on Twitter. “Don’t hit bombs or activate calves. Just par. They will have to catch him. He won’t listen to his mother so you text him. Hurry.”

It’s unclear whether Mary’s message made it through — Tina did say she would text Tim because “he’s the only one Phil is listening to today” — but between Phil, Tim, Mary and Tina, the Mickelsons got over the line and into the history books. Mickelson had previously won five majors with his former, long-time caddie Jim Mackay, but having his brother on the bag with him was just that little bit more special as the pair shared an emotional embrace after the 50-year-old tapped in the winning putt. And having someone with you who knows you so well is something Mickelson fed off during Sunday’s crucial final round and is part of what makes Tim “a great caddie.”

“As I’m walking off 6, I had made some uncommitted swings the first six holes,” Mickelson told the media after his victory. “I had been striking the ball awesome the first three days. “I had a wonderful warm up session, like I was ready to go and I made some uncommitted swings the first six holes. He pulled me aside and said: ‘If you’re going to win this thing, you’re going to have to make committed golf swings.’ “It hit me in the head, I can’t make passive — I can’t control the outcome, I have to swing committed. The first one I made was the drive on 7. Good drive on 7 gave me a chance to get down by the green and make birdie. From there on, I hit a lot of really good shots because I was committed to each one.”

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