Founded in May 2014, Wrestledelphia.com is a progressive pro wrestling media outlet, staffed with journalists from nationally-recognized publications such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fighting Spirit Magazine, BleacherReport.comWhatCulture.com, and more.

Wrestledelphia covers pro wrestling with the “big picture” in mind, providing features, commentary, and more to give readers a complete scope of all that happens both inside the squared circle, and outside of it.

Since launching, Wrestledelphia has been cited on websites such as Philly.com and high-profile wrestling websites such as 1Wrestling.com and F4WOnline.com.

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Mark Whited, Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Mark WhitedMark Whited founded Wrestledelphia.com in May 2014. In his time as Editor-in-Chief, Whited has facilitated daily content and expanded the website’s audience to more than 1,000 followers between the website’s and . He is also the host of the Wrestledelphia.com Podcast, as well as the host, producer, and editor of content that appears on the “” YouTube channel.

Outside of his work for Wrestledelphia, Whited is a high school sports reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and was formerly a beat writer for Owlscoop.com. Earlier in his career, Whited was one of the first contributors to Philadelphia’s most viewed sports blog, CrossingBroad.com.

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John Corrigan, Columnist & Editor

John CorriganJohn Corrigan has been with Wrestledelphia.com since its inception, authoring weekly pieces for his blog, Corrigan’s Corner.

In his time with the website, Corrigan has published Q&As with industry icons, such as Jim Ross and Tommy Dreamer. He also made buzz in the wrestling world with his piece, “Corrigan’s Corner: If Chyna Can’t Go In, Take These WWE Hall Of Famers Out,” which received more than 8,000 reads.

Corrigan also worked for Al.com/Huntsville as a general assignment reporter after spending four years at KYW NewsRadio in Philadelphia. His byline has also appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News, Philly Metro, and The Temple News.

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Evan Cross, Columnist

Credit: Temple News

Credit: Temple News

Evan Cross has been a Wrestledelphia.com columnist since its inception, most known for his “Cross Examination” pieces, which analyzes an event or topic in the pro wrestling world.

Cross is a 2014 graduate of Temple University. He is a former staff member of The Temple News and has written for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Despite not becoming a wrestling fan until college, he spends an unhealthy amount of time reading Wikipedia pages of wrestlers and doing just about every WWE Sporcle quiz available.

Follow him on Twitter or reach him via email at .

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