Dojo Wars 111: Broadway Slays The Lariat God

Ken Broadway avenged his loss to DJ Hyde, demanding a title shot in the process.

Avenging his loss from last week, Ken Broadway defeated DJ Hyde in a hellacious slugfest last night at Dojo Wars 111. Ambushing the CZW owner from behind, Broadway started the match outside the ring, smashing Hyde’s face into the steel post. The Lariat God eventually recovered, but a well-placed low blow and a running kick knocked out Hyde for the three count. Despite earning “This Is Awesome” chants from the Dojo Wars faithful, Broadway brushed off the acclaim and demanded not only a CZW contract, but a CZW World Heavyweight Championship match.

In other title news, Blackwater emerged victorious in his second Medal of Valor defense, rebounding after losing the first fall in quick fashion to Ace Austin. After the match, Blackwater stalked Frankie Pickard sitting in the front row. Suffering a knee injury while training the night before, Pickard had his wrapped up leg stretched out on a chair with crutches by his side. Like a shark that smells blood, Blackwater yanked the chair away, and was about to attack Pickard until Austin made the save.

In Other Action:

Kit Osbourne, Mike Del & Tahir James def. Killian McMurphy, Marcus Waters & Aaron Bradley

Dan O’Hare def. Tee An Ri

Jimmy Lloyd def. Alvarado

Josh Adams def. Steve Off

Tulpa def. Conor Claxton, Dante & Clutch Adams in a Fatal Four Way

JGeorge & Billy Danvers wrestled to a countout, took the match into the streets of Blackwood, New Jersey, and then returned at the end of the show where Danvers got the pin.

Daniel Montgomery Yost def. Bones

Dojo Wars runs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. 110 Harmon Dr, Blackwood, NJ 08012. Admission: $5.

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Photo credit: Lyle C. Williams

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