September 20, 2021
Colorado City CarShare Bring a shareable electric vehicle to the Pearl Parking Garage at 1500 Pearl Street

Colorado City CarShare Bring a shareable electric vehicle to the Pearl Parking Garage at 1500 Pearl Street

The City’s Transportation Goals are Complemented by an All-Electric Car Share Program. A new mode of transportation is making its way into a downtown parking garage. Colorado CarShare members will be able to use an all-electric shared vehicle at 1500 Pearl parking garage starting today.

Erika Vandenbrande, Director of Transportation and Mobility remarked, “We are happy to collaborate with Colorado CarShare to provide an all-electric shared automobile to our community.” “We’re working to create a connected, shared, and electrified mobility future. This initiative is a foretaste of the future.”

The shared electric car is a relatively new addition to Boulder’s fleet of shared cars. In the Denver metro region, Colorado CarShare has over 50 vehicles, including numerous hybrid and electric vehicle alternatives in Boulder.

Colorado CarShare will have one reserved parking spot provided by the city of Boulder. Colorado CarShare will cover the cost of charging the electric vehicle as well as one-third of the annual parking pass fee. The remaining proportion of a parking pass will be paid for by the city.

Colorado CarShare Chief Executive Officer Peter Krahenbuhl said, “We applaud the City of Boulder for embracing car share.” “Downtown Boulder is an excellent site for demonstrating the advantages of living a car-free lifestyle. The benefits of having a fully electric shared automobile are amplified because one car-share vehicle can replace up to 13 privately owned vehicles.”

The new electric CarShare facility at 1500 Pearl parking garage extends to the facility’s four distinct electric vehicles (EV) charging facilities, which will be supplemented with four rapid EV chargers this fall. The building’s garage, business spaces, and EV chargers are all powered by rooftop solar panels that were recently installed.

“While meeting the city’s climate impact targets of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, the City of Boulder is continuing to work to make it much easier for the downtown visitors and staff to decrease their carbon output and expand access to our most famous commercial areas,” stated Deputy Director of City of Boulder Community Vitality Cris Jones. “Many partners must work together and contribute to this effort.”

“There is no one-size-fits-all answer for decreasing transportation emissions,” Vandenbrande added. “We’re making progress on several fronts, including electrification, transit investment, microtransit support, and, in programs like this, looking into the possibility of car sharing.” Colorado CarShare is the first-ever non-profit carsharing program in the state. The objective of Colorado CarShare is to encourage the community to enjoy a car-free lifestyle that benefits our health, prosperity, and common environment. They want to make Colorado a “cooler,” “healthier,” and “fairer” place to live.

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