September 20, 2021
Africa’s first fully automated high voltage substation is turned on by GE

Africa’s first fully automated high voltage substation is turned on by GE

In Thiès, Senegal, Grid Solutions company of GE Renewable Energy (NYSE-GE) has completed the first entirely automated high voltage substation on African continent. The VINCI Energies West Africa will finish this critical 225 kV substation as part of Senegal’s national power utility Senelec’s transmission and distribution system reinforcement, expansion and reliability enhancement program.

“The solid collaboration among the VINCI Energies West Africa groups, the technical backing of our team Omexom, and the digital experience of GE’s Grid Solutions made this landmark project possible. This is the continent’s first digital substation, and it exemplifies how to successfully integrate the ongoing energy shift with the necessary digital transition to enable the Senegalese power network more dependable and efficient,” stated VINCI Energies’ Wassel Bouaouda.

Grid’s digital substation gives software-based applications the flexibility they need, allowing for greater remote maintenance and upgrades. It also allows for a more secure and effective data transfer between several devices. The benefits include the capacity to examine real-time data to optimize asset utilization and system reliability. Such advantages are critical for substations, which must control the power moving into the grid from numerous renewable energy sources as well as distribute electricity to houses.

“A digital substation’s improved features, with its footprint, decreased by up to 50%, as well as quicker deployment, are a crucial enabler of the energy transition,” said Eric Amoussouga, who works at GE’s Grid Solutions Business, Sub-Saharan Africa as a Sales Director. Furthermore, replacing copper connections with fiber-optic cables – that do not transmit electricity – makes maintenance tasks safer for workers. We are happy to have completed the first entirely digital substation in Africa, adding to Senegal’s energy grid’s greater reliability.”

The supply, installation, commissioning and supervision of the GE’s Grid Solutions digital substation, digital control system, panels, current transducer optic, and voltage transducer optic were all included in the project contract inked between VINCI Energies and GE in 2018.

The General Electric Company (GE) is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Boston and incorporated in the state of New York. Aviation, healthcare, electricity, additive manufacturing, locomotives, renewable energy, digital industry, and venture capital and finance were the company’s segments as recently as 2018. The conglomerate had divested from various industries three years later, in 2021, and was essentially comprised of the initial four segments: power, aviation, healthcare, and renewable energy.

GE was the 33rd largest company in the U.S by gross sales in 2020, according to the Fortune 500. In 2011, GE was the 14th most profitable business in the Fortune 20, but its profitability plummeted, and the company underperformed the market by roughly 75%. A recovery at GE began to take form in 2021. The Nobel Prize has been granted to two GE employees: Ivar Giaever (1973) and Irving Langmuir (1932).

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