#HOH22 Recap: Hardys Delete Dreamer, Nese Leaves Indies Victorious

History was made as House of Hardcore brought its first steel cage match to the ECW Arena.

Twenty-four hours after Total Nonstop Deletion, the greatest tag team in time and space invaded House of Hardcore.

As Broken Matt Hardy lie wounded inside the steel cage, Tommy Dreamer tried to escape for the victory, but the referee (the one from the Hardy compound) swung the door into his head. Metallica’s familiar chords then echoed throughout the 2300 Arena as Sandman retaliated, swinging his Singapore cane at the nefarious official. But Hardy, in all of his broken brilliance, had an equalizer for the reckless, drunken hero: Brother Nero, who ran down the aisle and jumped Sandman from behind.

The crowd roared as Jeff Hardy entered the cage and battered Dreamer with the cane, followed up by dumping a bag of thumbtacks all over the ring. The TNA World Tag Team Champions then double teamed Dreamer before Broken Matt slammed him on the thumbtacks for the win.

Afterward, the bloodthirsty HOH brethren clamored for Jeff to ascend the steel structure and deliver a swanton bomb. His eyes scanned the arena, considering whether he should risk his health to send the fans home happy. He appeared willing until his brother urged him to fight his addiction. The crowd chanted “You Sold Out” as Jeff acquiesced to his brother’s wishes, reminding them that their beloved daredevil had been replaced by the subservient Brother Nero.

Traditionally, that chant is reserved for a wrestler during his last match with an indy promotion before jumping to McMahonland. But even the jaded Philly loyalists knew that Tony Nese earned his spot in WWE, chanting “You Deserve It” during the cruiserweight’s final match on the indy scene.

Showered with streamers and praise, Nese went kick for kick and hold for hold with fellow local warrior, Lio Rush. The ROH Top Prospect winner and former CZW Wired Champion hit Nese with a reverse hurricanrana followed by a frog splash, but the Premiere Athlete kicked out. As the fans rallied behind the HOH original, Nese hit a pumphandle into a tombstone for the victory.

“I can’t say thank you enough,” Nese told the adoring crowd. He thanked Tommy Dreamer for giving him a chance, booking him on almost every of HOH’s 22 shows. He also thanked Bull James, Dan Barry and Matt Striker for helping him get this far in his career. And of course, he thanked Alex Reynolds, his friend and frequent opponent in HOH. Reynolds wiped tears from his eyes as Nese recalled how they came to the promotion together, and despite being unknowns in the industry, they gained a reputation through hard work and perseverance.

Nese embraced Reynolds, raising his arm in celebration…and then Reynolds superkicked him!

“They could have had Shawn, but they settled for Marty,” Reynolds screamed at his prone friend, leaving the arena to thunderous boos.

Rest Of The Show:

John Hennigan def. Fenix

Moose def. Colt Cabana

Sami Callihan def. Brian Cage

Dan Barry, Conor Braxton & Kikutaro def. Vik Dalishus, Eddie Kingston & TJ Marconi

Taya def. Jessicka Havok

The Broad Street Brawler def. Alex Reynolds

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