The Ripper: Jasin Karloff Aims To Impress The Devil

Before Pro Wrestling BAM on 8/19, Jasin Karloff chats w/ Wrestledelphia to discuss his burgeoning career.

“Violence so brutal, that the Devil himself will sit back, just to enjoy my work.”

While your co-workers hype up the club and the beach, Jasin Karloff’s Friday night plans send a shiver down your spine. The tatted monster from Sleepy Hollow, New York, stalks the ring in a torn, black button-down with “CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST” emblazoned across his heart.

His strength amazes and his agility surprises. His appetite for destruction never quenched. He tosses opponents across the ring and out of it, too.

For almost a dozen years, the “Straight Edge Strong Man” has dominated the independent scene, leaving blood, tears and carnage in his wake. “I’m always ready for war,” Karloff said.

Tonight he teams up with Marc Hauss to battle Vinny Pacifico and AJ Evers at Pro Wrestling BAM in Brooklyn. “I’m pumped,” Karloff said. “There are not many people who can match my intensity and aggressiveness. Marc is a beast and I am excited to see the Vulgar Display of Brutality that will be unleashed.”


His earliest memory of pro wrestling isn’t a match—it’s a casket. Paul Bearer cut a creepy promo as Undertaker silently constructed a coffin for Kamala, his foe at Survivor Series 1992. “I was captivated by Undertaker very early on,” Karloff said. “I have always been a huge horror fan so when I saw horror mixed with wrestling, I was hooked.”

Although an athlete, Karloff never felt comfortable playing team sports as a kid. “I learned from very early on in life that you cannot rely on any one besides yourself. So I didn’t join baseball or football and let other people’s bad decisions and laziness hold me back.”

So he pursued his dream of professional wrestling, enrolling in the IWF Wrestling School in Nutley, New Jersey. For five days a week, Karloff was taught the ropes by Darren Young, himself an IWF graduate. After building his foundation of moves and psychology, Karloff went to the Team Taz Dojo where he developed a mean streak under the tutelage of the Human Suplex Machine.

Drug and alcohol free, Karloff’s only vice is punishing all who stand before him. “Straight edge is nothing more than a good clean life. It’s all about being the best you can be,” Karloff said. “I train the Strongman-style not only to compete in Strongman competitions but also to just be the strongest and best I can be as a human.”

“I train for purpose, not for beauty.”

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takes place August 19 at 138 Bay 20th St., Brooklyn, NY.

Show starts at 5:30 p.m. Admission: $5

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