Levin: 5 Bold WWE Predictions for 2017

David Levin rubs his crystal ball and reveals what's to happen in McMahonland over the next 12 months.

In looking back on 2016, WWE had the chance to make history. New brands, new champions, new feuds and new reasons for its fans to complain about anything and everything. That’s what happens when we all want change and when we get change, we complain about it.

WWE will never be like it was during the Attitude Era. Let’s just give that up. The company is moving forward and has a solid lineup of champions and booking ideas. While we may not want Roman Reigns as our savior of the red brand, we may have to adjust our way of thinking. The same thing goes for the blue team, as Bray Wyatt has a tag title to his credit, but the notion of him winning a singles title might be off the books for now.

As we walk toward 2017 after a ho-hum Roadblock pay-per-view, we can only hope WWE comes up with a bombshell or two at the Royal Rumble. The road to WrestleMania started long before the Thanksgiving turkey was eaten. Now, we focus on what is to come and what he hope for our heroes and our villains. Here are five bold predictions for 2017:

Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Dissolve Relationship

Parting is such sweet sorrow. WWE has tinkered with the idea of giving Heyman more clients to work with, which has not panned out. Even the attempt to bring Lesnar and CM Punk together in harmony was ill-fated. The company needs to incorporate Heyman as part of its weekly programming. Lesnar is a part-time performer. Should he win the Universal Title, it wouldn’t increase his work schedule. With Heyman, you get aces, which is something Raw lacks. It would take a mega star or a star in the making to force Heyman to end his relationship with the Beast Incarnate. For some time, I thought it could be Kevin Owens or even Roman Reigns. Now, I am thinking a union with Samoa Joe may be perfect for this kind of swerve to happen.

Separation of the McMahon Dynasty

There has been plenty of bickering between Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon over WWE and the red and blue brands. It’s been beneficial for each show and added a bit of McMahon family drama to Monday nights before the brand extension in July. The storyline I want to see, and the one that could sell, would be the division between the Queen of Raw and her husband, Triple H. The feud with Seth Rollins still has to materialize, which could mean dissention in the ranks. It could also mean Stephanie plays the role of babyface in all of this as she supports the efforts of Rollins. Of course this all leads to a match with Triple H at WrestleMania 33. It’s money as far as I am concerned and should be explored in 2017.

The Rise of Bobby Roode

While it took years for AJ Styles to make his WWE debut, the man who I have been preaching about for years as professional wrestling’s most underrated superstar, Bobby Roode, is on the cusp of greatness. Roode, the man who will face Nakamura at Takeover in San Antonio in January, is about to become NXT’s next big thing. The former TNA World Champion has been compared to Arn Anderson for his in-ring work, his mic skills and how he carries himself in the business. As a singles star and tag team specialist (please bring back Beer Money), Roode has toiled for years in TNA, but is about to show everyone, like Styles, how truly great he is. To take my predictions a step further, it would not surprise me if at some point in 2017 Triple H turned his attention toward Roode, walking down the aisle much like Mr. Perfect did with Ric Flair when the Nature Boy brought the world title to the WWF.

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns was quoted months ago saying that at some point he wanted to face his cousin in a match. It might be the perfect swerve to put the Big Dog over as a heel. WWE is still touting the three-time world champion as the future of the company – much to the chagrin of fans who want him to turn. Getting over at the expense of Rock would not only shock the world, but it would solidify him as one of the company’s hotter villains. Reigns has gotten much better in the ring. He had the right platform to take off as an accepted babyface with the fans. While he won the United States Title from Rusev, he followed a path that should have put him over. Now, he might be back to square one. The only other way for him to finally get over is to turn on John Cena – although they may finally cheer him as the WWE crowds have as much love and hate for Cena as they do being forced to accept Reigns as their savior.

Cena Retires Undertaker

The match we wanted to see last year at WrestleMania 32 could be the match that determines the Dead Man’s future this year in Orlando. As it stands now, Triple H should face Seth Rollins. Owens could face Chris Jericho. I like Styles and Nakamura in a match and Bayley and a heel Sasha Banks. Watch for Braun Strowman to face Reigns. Lesnar and Goldberg will close out their holy trinity. Cena still needs a dance partner and Undertaker needs another career defining moment. Would it surprise anyone if Cena’s match with Undertaker not only leads to ‘Taker’s retirement but the continual disintegration of Cena as a main event star? There would be nothing left for him to accomplish in this business. The 16th world title will be on his mantle by the end of the year. There is only one thing left to do.

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