Levin: James Ellsworth Must Stay Home at WWE TLC

David Levin has had enough of the most chinspirational superstar in WWE history.

I am all for giving the underdog a chance in professional wrestling, but there is no place for James Ellsworth in the main event match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

OK, let me correct that. There is a place for him because protocol dictates the newest official member of the SmackDown Live roster will be part of the ending, some way, somehow. But it does not mean I have to like it.

I doubt I am the only one who hopes Ellsworth is sent to the showers during the match or better yet, develops some muscle cramp suffered in the locker room and is unable to come to ringside. The former independent wrestler who has 14 years of mat experience has already enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame. It’s time for WWE to come up with another gimmick, find another opponent for him and restyle his hair and facial hair.

When Ellsworth moved over to the blue team after his stint as a ragdoll for Braun Strowman, I don’t think any of us knew he would get his four months in the sun. The idea of him becoming part of the Styles-Ambrose feud as well as the mascot who helped to eliminate Strowman at Survivor Series has worn out its welcome. What WWE plans to do with him after Sunday is anyone’s guess, but it had better not be a spot in the main event picture.

This is not a situation like Barry Horowitz or a tease like Heath Slater or Salvatore Bellomo. I really don’t know what it is, but based on his past and his background, the nonathletic figure has had some success in tag team wrestling and could be a solid mid-card performer if booked properly. But we all know how this company operates – so nothing will surprise me in the least.

The worst thing that could happen on Sunday night is if Ellsworth determines the winner of the match. The second worst thing is if WWE would consider giving him a run with the company title strapped to his waist. It would be a slap in the face to every competitor in the back and would not help the blue brand remain ahead of its red brother. Fans wouldn’t just run to the exits – they would bolt for the border.

In the 1980s’ NWA, there were plenty of gimmicks where jobbers would help put a feud over or local mid-level talent would get a run potentially unseating the promotion’s champion or take a swing at trying to defeat Ric Flair. It lasted a week or two and then bookers would move on to other ideas. This time, due to a lack of depth on the roster, Ellsworth has to remain a popular part of programming. I could see Ellsworth as a tag team partner of Slater in the future or maybe of Curt Hawkins or even as part of the cruiserweight division. For now, he is to Styles and Ambrose what Charles Robinson was to Ric Flair.

It does not sit well with me, regardless of the feel-good story it represents. WWE must find a way to promote Ellsworth without the main event attached to the program. After Sunday night, his 15 minutes of fame must come to an end.

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