Best Bets: WrestleMania 33

Who will help you take home the jellybeans?

You know the drill: I am betting imaginary jellybeans for each match (based on PaddyPower’s odds) and keeping track of my “winnings.” I’m dividing my picks into three categories: 🔒Locks™, Solid Picks and Stay Aways. I will bet 10 jellybeans on the 🔒Locks™, five on the Solid Picks, and none on the Stay Aways.

Here are my WrestleMania picks. Remember that I’m not necessarily picking the winner, but the one that I feel is the best bet.


Six-pack challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Carmella: 1/1 (+100)
Naomi: 6/5 (+120)
Alexa Bliss (c): 8/1 (+800)
Becky Lynch: 8/1 (+800)
Mickie James: 16/1 (+1600)
Natalya: 20/1 (+2000)

Pick: Naomi

I’m going against my pick on the radio show, but now that we know Naomi is back, she seems like an obvious choice.

Solid Picks

Singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Neville (c): 2/9 (-450)

Austin Aries: 11/4 (+275)

Pick: Austin Aries

As I said on Wrestledelphia Radio, this match should have been built up for much longer than it has. I think this is a complete tossup so I’ll take Aries because of the odds.

Fatal four-way elimination match for the Raw Women’s Championship

Bayley (c): 1/3 (-300)
Charlotte: 7/2 (+350)
Sasha Banks: 9/2 (+450)
Nia Jax: 12/1 (+1200)

Pick: Sasha Banks

The build to this match has been a clusterfuck and the only way it makes a lick of sense is for a Banks heel turn to be the plan. Then we can build to Bayley reclaiming her title at SummerSlam, 2 years after the classic NXT Takeover match.

Singles match for the WWE Championship

Randy Orton: 3/10 (-333)

Bray Wyatt (c): 11/5 (+220)

Pick: Bray Wyatt

With the rumors about which match will go on last (and the realization that I initially picked all the belts to change hands) I’m putting away my doubt that Bray Wyatt will be booked properly and picking him to win.

Stay Aways

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Pick: Mojo Rawley (16/1, +1600)

I mostly just don’t want to pick Braun Strowman because he’s too obvious. Plus, Rawley is the best candidate on SmackDown, which needs to rehab its midcard a bit. A Luke Harper (20/1) win would be great here as well.

Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship

Baron Corbin: 1/7 (-700)

Dean Ambrose (c): 4/1 (+400)

Pick: Baron Corbin

The IC belt isn’t doing Ambrose any favors, and Corbin needs a belt, which he hasn’t ever had. This should be the most obvious booking decision of the night.

Triple threat ladder match for the Raw Tag Team Championship

Enzo Amore & Big Cass: 4/11 (-275)
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c): 17/10 (+170)
Sheamus & Cesaro: 7/1 (+700)

Pick: Enzo & Cass

Cesaro and Sheamus will be on their way to winning when Broken Matt and Brother Nero interfere and ruin it for them, while Enzo & Cass finally have their crowning moment.

Singles match for the United States Championship

Kevin Owens: 1/10 (-1000)

Chris Jericho (c): 5/1 (+500)

Pick: Kevin Owens

As gun-shy as I am about picking against Jericho after last year’s disaster, it doesn’t make any sense to cut the legs out from under Owens at this point.

Mixed tag team match

John Cena & Nikki Bella: 1/10 (-1000)

The Miz & Maryse: 9/2 (+450)

Pick: John Cena & Nikki Bella

We all know where this is going. Anything less than a proposal proves Miz and Maryse right.

Singles match

Roman Reigns: 1/5 (-500)

The Undertaker: 3/1 (+300)

Pick: Roman Reigns

As everyone says, Reigns should win and turn heel, but it’s not like he needs to turn heel to win this match. Undertaker seems to be on his last legs, and even if this isn’t his final match, he likely would be OK with putting Reigns over.

Singles match

AJ Styles: 1/8 (-800)

Shane McMahon: 9/2 (+450)

Pick: Shane McMahon

I’m on the record as saying Styles will go to Raw after this, and given that, it makes more sense for Shane O’Mac to pull this one off. I would rather McMahon not wrestle at all, but if he’s gonna get in the ring a few times a year, he’s going to have to win one eventually.

Unsanctioned match

Seth Rollins: 1/7 (-700)

Triple H: 4/1 (+400)

Pick: Seth Rollins

This has been building for nearly three years. There’s no good reason it should last any longer and there’s no good reason Helmsley should win. If Goldberg and Jericho leave after Mania, Raw will need a strong top babyface.

Singles match for the WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar: 1/40 (-4000)

Goldberg (c): 10/1 (+1000)

Pick: Brock Lesnar

This seems too obvious. Lesnar can’t lose again without losing some of his aura. The intrigue in this match is not if Lesnar wins, but how.

Overall record to date: 131-84-10

Jellybeans won to date: 12.57 on a 46-46-9 record columnist Evan Cross can be reached at . Follow him on Twitter .

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