Best Bets: WWE Survivor Series ’15 Odds And Picks

Who will be the winners and losers at Survivor Series?

Finally, there are some underdogs worth betting on.

They’ve been in short order lately. The only underdog to win at Hell In A Cell was The New Day. At Night of Champions, Kevin Owens was the sole underdog to win. There weren’t any at SummerSlam, and the only two at TakeOver: Brooklyn were Jushin Liger and the Vaudvillains. All of those four underdogs had less than +200 odds, so none of their wins were totally shocking.

It says here that changes this time, even though there are only six matches announced and one match is off the board because we don’t know who’s in it yet.

You know the drill: I am betting imaginary jellybeans for each match (based on Paddy Power’s odds) and keeping track of my “winnings.” I’m dividing my picks into three categories: 🔒 Locks™, Solid Picks and Stay Aways. I will bet 10 jellybeans on the 🔒 Locks™, five on the Solid Picks, and none on the Stay Aways.

Here are my Survivor Series picks. Remember that I’m not necessarily picking the winner, but the one that I feel is the best bet.

🔒 Locks™

Singles Match

Tyler Breeze: 2/5 (-250)

Dolph Ziggler: 7/4 (+175)

Pick: Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze may have lost his first match on the main roster (and no, losing a competitive match to Dean Ambrose does not constitute a burial), but he won’t lose this one too. He likely won’t be anything more than a midcard heel, but even midcarders need to be established.

Solid Picks

Semifinal Match In The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Dean Ambrose: 1/6 (-600)

Kevin Owens: 7/2 (+350)

Pick: Kevin Owens

I picked Owens to win this straight up earlier in the week, so of course I’m going to take the great odds here. Although there were no odds posted for the semifinal matches, I have to imagine all the winners were favored, so I can’t imagine the only surprise in the tournament will end up being Kalisto over Ryback.

Tag-Team Match

Brothers of Destruction: 2/7 (-350)

The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman): 9/4 (+225)

Pick: The Wyatt Family

It’s unclear to me why Undertaker and Kane are assumed to win this by most. If it was a Survivor Series match that required Undertaker to be pinned, I’d understand. But it’s not a stretch to imagine Braun Strowman overpowering Kane for a win while the rest of the Wyatts restrain Undertaker. Maybe everyone is so used to the Wyatts losing feuds that they assume it’ll happen every time. Anyway, I think this is a toss-up, so I’m taking the odds.

Stay Aways

Semifinal Match In The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Roman Reigns: 1/10 (-1000)

Alberto Del Rio: 9/2 (+450)

Pick: Roman Reigns

Covered this before. Odds are awful. Pass.

Singles Match For The WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte (c): 1/6 (-600)

Paige: 7/2 (+350)

Pick: Charlotte

If this feud hadn’t veered into “bring up the dead brother” territory, I’d like Paige as a sneaky bet here. But after the way the Raw main event went, it would be pretty 1997 HBK-like to give Paige the win here.

Overall record to date: 43-29-4

Jellybeans won to date: 51.72 on a 27-20-4 record

Biggest win: 45 jellybeans (Ryback def. Sheamus, Mark Henry, King Barrett, Dolph Ziggler & R-Truth at Elimination Chamber 2015) columnist Evan Cross can be reached at . Follow him on Twitter .

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