Levin: Wyatt’s Win Even Bigger Win For WWE

David Levin rejoices as the Eater of Worlds finally won the big one.

We asked for it, and we got it.

Not only did John Cena lose the WWE World Title at the Elimination Chamber on Sunday night, but Bray Wyatt finally has that title and a ticket to WrestleMania 33 to face Randy Orton in the main event. Wyatt beat both Cena and AJ Styles and in doing so, finally reached the apex of the company mountain.

Excuse me while I act like a kid who woke up on the last morning of Hanukkah knowing there will be a gift that tops everything else mom and dad have given me so far.

WWE booked Elimination Chamber’s main event perfectly and proved once again it is ready to move away from Cena and his quest to break the record for title reigns, if it is only for a short time. Having Wyatt finally capture singles gold also means the time he has spent in the promotion as the go-to player, making other superstars look good, is past him. The McMahons have enough faith in the man who used to walk around as Husky Harris and has become an Undertaker-like character.

It’s about time.

In a promotion that is void of true heels and characters with a backstory, Wyatt is as close to a sure thing as there is. Fans love his unpredictability, his vignettes and his ability to deliver every time he gets in the ring. While losing was the norm for Wyatt in years past, where he would fall to the company’s top babyface at the time, winning as a heel will pay off handsomely.

With Orton as the “expected” opponent in Orlando in two months, WWE has a chance to build this main event the right way. It also has a chance to produce other quality feuds based on the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and upcoming FastLane.

WWE has decided to travel the necessary path to achieve greatness. And it does not take Cena or Roman Reigns to make such progress. On a night where the women on the blue team stole the show by telling three unique stories and crowned a new champion, Wyatt snatched the spotlight back on him.

It remains to be seen how WWE now books Wyatt, Orton and Luke Harper, who proved he can reach the upper echelon. On a brand void of depth, the agile big man can take the headliners to the limit, if given the chance. I would not be surprised if Harper is part of a main event program in the future. Wyatt’s booking now creates more possibilities: Styles could complete his babyface turn, Miz could challenge Wyatt and Cena could carry on with other programs, elevating the rest of the roster.

Yes, WWE did itself a real solid on Sunday night at Elimination Chamber. Not all the matches lived up to the hype, but there was enough success to keep fans interested in what happens during the next two months. We all knew Wyatt would win on Sunday night, but how he won and who he beat made knowing the secret before it happened well worth the spoils.

It’s now Wyatt’s world – fans and other wrestlers are just living in it.

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