Levin: Chris Jericho’s Brilliance Is WWE’s Best Option

David Levin says its time for WWE to not just drink it in, but chug the whole damn gift of Jericho.
Credit: Wikimedia.org
Credit: Wikimedia.org

How can WWE continue this charade?

Am I the only one that sees the mistake being made by keeping the WWE Universal Championship on Kevin Owens?

Am I the only one who believes Chris Jericho should be the champion right now?

Jericho, a six-time WWE World Champion and a nine-time Intercontinental Champion, is doing his best work. A veteran of the ring wars and the best heel on the Raw roster, he has taken the red brand by the horns and made it his own personal playground. There will come a time when the opportunist takes advantage of the championship situation and turns his back on his BFF.

You can’t stop it, you just have to prepare for it.

It might be the best thing for everyone concerned.

Monday Night Raw is in a situation where the better roster doesn’t always produce the best results. Smackdown Live is winning the war because the roster is smaller, there are fewer storylines and the matches mean more. While Kevin Owens is the top guy for the red team, he doesn’t come across as a man who can stand on his own. I know that’s by design, but at some point Jericho will turn on his friend and find glory for himself.

Drink it in, people. Drink it in.

With this “new era” WWE is promoting, it’s refreshing to see Jericho in action. The scarf-clad entertainer is solid on the mic, a great presence for the younger wrestlers, and a maestro in the ring. You can’t ask for much more.

How WWE decides to book him for the remainder of 2016 could be crucial to the success of the red brand. Right now Jericho is the MVP. Much like Kane and Randy Orton, who have been called on in the past when the company needed them most, Jericho is filling that veteran role.

So what does WWE do with its best star? Obviously, he’s perfect for the role he is in as Owens’ wing man. But that will get old quickly.

So does the company put him in a program with Roman Reigns for the United States Championship? Do they send him to SmackDown Live, where he challenges for the WWE World Title? How about a program with Dolph Ziggler? Or does WWE finally do the right thing, and have Jericho challenge Owens for the top dog position on Monday nights?

Based on Jericho’s performance alone, WWE has plenty of options to work with. The worst thing the company could do is hold back his momentum. It wouldn’t be fair to Jericho, the fans or the business. He is just that good.

Once WWE figures out how to handle the Seth Rollins – Triple H situation, hopefully it will handle the real storyline – what to do with the one guy who seems to be carrying the red team on his shoulders.

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