Corrigan’s Corner: What I’m Thankful For

Living in the Gratitude Era.

If you’re going to write a cliché article, at least do it at an unconventional time. Sure, I could have published this Thanksgiving-themed list last week, but I find the entire holiday season to be a time of reflection and gratitude. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

This year I’m thankful for…

Wrestledelphia Radio. Despite issues with management and the show’s short shelf life, it was a dream come true to be on the air. One glimpse at my Twitter handle tells you my desire to host a talk radio show, and the struggles I’ve encountered while trying. After spending four years at KYW NewsRadio and co-hosting a fun morning show at W.H.I.P, it was glorious to finally co-host a pro wrestling talk show on a local radio station. But we couldn’t have done it without…

Our guests. We were very fortunate to have such a star-studded lineup for three straight months considering we’re virtual unknowns. Huge thanks to DDP for being our first guest, instantly giving us credibility. Jay Lethal, Conrad Thompson and Jeanie Clark were my favorite interviews and I couldn’t believe that Jesse Ventura talked with me for over an hour. Of course, Cody Rhodes was our breakout interview, making us the talk of the wrasslin’ world for a few days. Special shout outs to Jeff Jarrett & Tommy Dreamer for always being generous with their time, never straying from questions and setting an example for all promoters to follow.

Bambi Weavil & Marc Kruskol. I had worked with Marc previously, and he remained a consummate professional who is a great asset to Ring of Honor. I hadn’t known Bambi before the summer, but I quickly realized she is a P.R. superstar who has already improved the indy wrestling scene. Both Marc and Bambi set up great interviews for Wrestledelphia Radio and I look forward to working with them in the future.

ECW Press & Skyhorse Publishing. Both companies have been extremely helpful in setting up interviews and sending press copies of wrestler autobiographies such as Pat Patterson’s and Bill Apter’s.

Our sponsors. Although I’ve sold myself on dates and job interviews and in my articles, I’m not a salesman by trade. I’ve watched Glengarry Glen Ross, but I don’t know how to close. So I’m quite proud that I convinced a few people, mostly strangers, to invest in Wrestledelphia Radio — an unproven product on an unproven (and ultimately failed) station. For these companies to believe in us, not just in word but in financial contribution, was a great achievement for myself as well as Wrestledelphia.

“Vice” by Miranda Lambert. Best song of the year…

WWE Network. The greatest invention since The Hankerciser 200, the network continues to revolutionize pro wrestling and satisfy every junkie’s appetite for territory action, original content and every PPV eva. This year the network hosted my favorite show…

Cruiserweight Classic. Even though we all had a sinking suspicion that WWE would fuck up yet another attempt at a cruiserweight division, the tournament was awesome. A throwback to when wins and losses mattered, the CWC had a sorely-missed aura of legitimate sports competition, complemented by commentary dream team Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan. Half of the bouts will make MOTY lists, and a slew of talent emerged as stars to watch: Tozawa, Alexander, Gallagher, Gargano, Ibushi, Swann, Perkins, Ciampa, Nese, ZSJ.

Tawn’s snaps.

House of Hardcore. I’m spoiled because Tommy Dreamer’s promotion runs several Philly shows a year and they’re all worth the price of admission. HOH 18 was my favorite due to the emotional goodbye of Terry Funk, the breathtaking stunt show of Ricochet and Callihan, the slobberknocker of Hero and Nese, the numerous surprises and the showstealing main event pitting Dreamer against…

Broken Matt Hardy. Single-handedly revitalizing TNA, the elder Hardy brother created an original character and threw himself into the mesmerizing role. His catchphrases, wild hair, piano entrance, Baby Maxwell, all of it has made pro wrestling fun again. As much praise as Chris Jericho has received for re-inventing himself this year, Broken Matt deserves even more.


My fantasy team. Mocked at Draft Night, Nate’s Pie Charts have shocked the world by going 7-4. My Christmas list includes the jerseys of Eli, Ryan & Julio, Dez, Forte, Kyle Rudolph and Crowder.

JeriKOmance. Because most of Raw has consisted of unfunny skits and forced potty jokes over the past decade, it’s refreshing when comedy actually works. At first, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens seemed thrown together to fill a match or two, but now they’ve taken over WWE with their hilarious friendship. The Canadian duo blends villainy and humor in perfect proportion.

Norm Macdonald. The last original voice in comedy, and one of my all-time heroes, Norm resurfaced this year thanks to his recently released novel and a controversial stint on Last Comic Standing. As the great David Letterman says, there might be someone as funny as Norm, but there ain’t anyone funnier.

Bobby Roode.

Goldberg. Comeback of the year goes to Da Man, whose shocking return surpassed all expectations. From his passionate promo to his monumental squash of Lesnar to his entry in the Royal Rumble, Goldberg has proven that anything can truly happen in pro wrestling. And that’s why we love it.

ASI. I took a gamble quitting Comcast to explore other opportunities, and it certainly paid off. ASI is the hidden gem of Philly media, where writers cover topics of importance and have the support from management to experiment. In only my first year with the company, I’ve had the chance to cover the RNC, Wing Bowl and WrestleMania. I’ve produced work that I’m proud of, and feel like I’ve made a difference in people’s lives. That’s why every writer does it.

Jerry Mungo. Until a friend or family member serves in the military, you don’t fully appreciate the sacrifice of our armed forces. You listen a bit closer to the news, you notice more veterans’ hats, you look deeper in the mirror, admitting that you don’t have the balls those men and women do. You also thank them for sacrificing their lives so you can continue living yours.

 Amanda. Wrestledelphia’s No.1 fan!

And last but not least, Wrestledelphia. It’s been our most successful year, and I’m grateful to have shared it with such talented and good people. David Levin consistently churns out content. David Gibb pens thought-provoking prose. Evan “The Boss” Cross has revamped our social media, making us worthy to follow. Mark Macyk cracks me up on the podcast as well as the PPV roundtables. Jack of the Goodwillies cemented our credibility. And the Founding Father, well, we wouldn’t be here without him.

Thanks Wrestledelphia Nation for a tremendous year.

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