WWE: Undertaker Rumored To Return At WWE Battleground

e don’t usually react to rumors because of our hard-on for journalistic credibility and provocative originality. But whereas President Obama can’t find precedent for revoking Cosby’s Medal of Freedom,...
We don’t usually react to rumors because of our hard-on for journalistic credibility and provocative originality.

But whereas President Obama can’t find precedent for revoking Cosby’s Medal of Freedom, we set our own precedents here at Wrestledelphia.

Especially when discussing the Phenom.

According to Reddit user “Falconarrow,” some inside man whose predictions have been pretty accurate over the past year, apparently the UNDERTAKER is set to return this Sunday at WWE Battleground. Whether it’s true or not, at some point we have to begin speculating on the Deadman’s next target considering we already know that he wants another match, albeit we assumed at WrestleMania.

The sooner the better, as far as I’m concerned. So if Undertaker indeed rises again this Sunday, who will he challenge for SummerSlam?

Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman’s recent namedrops must be coincidental, right? Boulderdash! A rematch between The Beast and The Deadman seemed certain as soon as The Streak ended at WrestleMania XXX. However, that rematch made more sense at WrestleMania 31 when Lesnar was the champion. Plus, Lesnar is now a conquering hero, so a face vs. face matchup is highly unlikely.

Bray Wyatt

Speaking of rematches, Wyatt deserves one after losing to the Undertaker in April. Of course, Taker probably forgot Wyatt’s name by now as the Eater of Worlds was treated like just another gnat squashed in the spring.


If Vince McMahon soured on a WrestleMania meeting between the soul of WCW vs. the backbone of WWE, then perhaps a SummerSlam bout could suffice.


Forget Sting…Mordecai is the dream Undertaker match we’ve been waiting for!

Baron Corbin

Former Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor/writer Will Welsh suggested NXT monster Baron Corbin as Undertaker’s next foe. Although this would skyrocket Corbin into the main event scene, I just don’t think his plodding, big man style would mesh well against the aged Deadman. If this was SummerSlam 1995, then sure.

John Cena

Jack of the Good Willies salivates over the first, big stage Undertaker/John Cena matchup. With Cena perpetually in the Mania title picture and Taker fending off D-X for half a decade, the timing was just never right. And now that the Streak is over, the dream match lost its luster. But a U.S. Title Open Challenge answered with a gong? Oooooooh Yeessss!


Despite how healthy Taker feels, he’s at the stage of his career where he needs an opponent who can carry him, if need be. And who better than the recent MVP of RAW, Cesaro? Maybe UT wants to make one more kid famous.

Kevin Owens

If Cesaro is too far down the card for Taker’s rub, how about Kevin Owens? He’ll need an opponent following his tiebreaker with Cena at Battleground. Their matches could be brutal, and I’m downright giddy for Owens’ promos against the Lord of Darkness.

Seth Rollins

Here’s my pick. After all, Heyman reminded us on RAW that Kane is Taker’s baby brother, and nobody wants to watch their baby brother scolded and attacked by a puny bully like Seth Rollins. Maybe Taker gets revenge on Brock by interfering in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, then challenges Rollins for SummerSlam.

It’s a fresh matchup, the Architect can deliver a classic with anyone, and Taker has history with Triple H. I’ll even go so far as to say Taker wins the title at SummerSlam, then Sheamus cashes in.

One more reign for the Phenom and somewhat of a passing of the torch to the Lord of Lightness.

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