Live Report from “The Resurrection of Jake The Snake”

Do you believe in miracles? You don’t have to rely on faith to believe in the miraculous comebacks of a couple pro wrestling legends—you can see it with your...

Do you believe in miracles?

You don’t have to rely on faith to believe in the miraculous comebacks of a couple pro wrestling legends—you can see it with your own eyes in the newly-released documentary “The Resurrection of Jake The Snake.”

Being screened in select cities across the country, the inspiring tale premiered at the Ritz Five in Philadelphia on October 1. I bought a $16 ticket to the screening and Q/A with Jake Roberts, Scott Hall and Diamond Dallas Page.

Here’s my report:

  • The film started right on time (7 p.m.) and played to a sold-out crowd. Among the attendees were Blue Meanie and Wrestledelphia Hall-of-Famer Bill Apter.
  • Without giving anything away because wrestling fans and more importantly, addicts, really should watch the movie, it’s incredible what DDP has been able to help these two broken-down warriors achieve. And that’s not to mention the thousands of others who have lost weight, regained mobility, and/or saved their lives by following the DDP Yoga program.
  • Although Jake’s journey is the central focus, the film also illustrates the redemption of Scott Hall and the renaissance of DDP’s career. Everyone will probably relate more to Jake and Scott, but I came away with a greater respect for Page who for the third time in his life, proved the naysayers wrong. In my favorite scene, Page tears up while sitting on his bed, saying how no one thought he could wrestle at 35 years old, no one thought he could launch a yoga program, and no one thought he could save the Snake and Razor.
  • Surprising to see so much WWE footage as it’s not a WWE sponsored film.
  • It’s a rated-R movie due to language, but a PG-13 audience would certainly benefit from the content.


The film lasted 90 minutes and then a Q/A ran for about a half hour:

  • Scott grabbed the mic the most, and had witty yet poignant answers to every question. Somebody commended him on a house show ladder match with HBK that took place in Philly before Mania X, and Hall replied, “Thank you, you have good taste in wrestlers.”
  • When someone asked which wrestler’s death affected him the most, Hall said Owen Hart’s because while his other peers chose to take drugs and drink, Owen was a straight-laced, faithful family man who died from an accident.
  • Jake used a cane because he needs a hip replacement, but his surly demeanor made for some hilarious responses like he was your grumpy old uncle. When a little girl asked about the workouts, Jake said Dallas can be a pain in the ass, then referenced some tale about shitting, which he ended with “Well, you wouldn’t shit. You’d have a cute little turd.”
  • DDP remained energetic and positive, barking orders to his merchandise gal (his wife) like it was a Fat Burner disc. The highlight of the night was him legit asking if anyone could drive he and his wife to New York City after the show. A couple of young guys offered, and I regretted taking public transportation. Imagine that car ride…
  • The most fascinating aspect of the evening were the fans who stood up and spoke about their years of sobriety and tremendous weight loss, thanking the three childhood heroes on stage for inspiring and motivating them to change their lives for the better. And the best part? The crowd applauded them.

A pro wrestling crowd…in Philadelphia…cheering on brethren for wholesome lifestyle choices.

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