ROH TV Recap (11/18/15): The Kingdom Shake The Addiction With Help From KRD

A roundup of Ring of Honor's television action.

In Wednesday’s Ring of Honor television main event, fans were treated to an eventful Tag Team contest for the ROH World Tag Team Championship between The Addiction and The Kingdom (c). It was a close matchup filled with heel tactics from both sides, including Frankie Kazarian and Matt Taven both faking being hit by the belts. Both Chris Sabin and Maria Kanellis ended up getting ejected from ringside for interfering in the match.

Later in the match, Bennett attempted a Spear, but would end up knocking out the referee. While the referee was down, Kanellis made her way back to the ring and decked Daniels with a Superkick. A red-masked KRD member came down to the ring, superkicked Kazarian. and aided The Kingdom in retaining their titles.

The Rest Of The Show

The show started off with a Tag Team match, pitting War Machine against The Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young— accompanied by The Boys—in a physical bout. War Machine are behemoths and they made it known with their physical brand of wrestling, getting the upper hand early on in the match.

Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser were able to put together some offense in the match—the 300-pound Beer City Bruiser was able to hit an impressive Frog Splash off the top rope. But War Machine overcame the duo and picked up the victory via pinfall.

War Machine has a Tag Team Championship match against The Kingdom coming up.

Also in the card was a match between Michael Elgin and Kevin Lee Davidson. There was not much to talk about in this one. Elgin hit Davidson with a Forearm Smash and then followed up with a vicious Clothesline to defeat Davidson in about 10 seconds.

After the match, Elgin vowed that he will take back the ROH World Championship.

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