Cross Examination: Who Will Replace The Authority?

Survivor Series is happening next Sunday, and the main event – Team Authority vs. Team Cena – has been the focus of most of the past few episodes of...

Survivor Series is happening next Sunday, and the main event – Team Authority vs. Team Cena – has been the focus of most of the past few episodes of Raw. We still have to find out who will round out each team, but if Team Authority loses, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will no longer have control of the WWE.

If that does happen, who will take their place? Here are a few potential choices.

Vince McMahon

He was the one who added the stipulation, so it stands to reason he’d be a candidate for the new on-screen boss. I, along with most sane people, love the Mr. McMahon character. However, he’s better served being part of a specific feud, rather than being an authority figure for the entire company, especially since everyone knows he’s the CEO anyway. But he’s always available.


Sting in an authority role has been widely speculated among fans. He’s definitely going to make an appearance on WWE television at some point, but there is understandable apprehension about the 55-year-old’s wrestling ability. Every appearance he has made for the WWE has been as the Crow character, and I don’t think Crow Sting is the kind of guy who would be an authority figure. Nonetheless, Sting wearing the black & white face paint while firing someone would be entertaining.

Brad Maddox

He didn’t do much in his first stint, besides act as a bridge between Vickie Guerrero and The Authority. I’d like to see him as a wrestler, not just a talker, but he has history with The Authority – they fired him in May. Perhaps he’ll come back and mock them by taking their old job.

Zeb Colter

He hasn’t had much promo time lately, despite being one of the most experienced and best talkers in WWE. There’s really no storyline reason for him to take the job, since he’s still Jack Swagger’s manager, but he’s good on the mic, and that’s really all you need from an authority figure.

Bad News Barrett

He’s hurt, he’s good on the mic, and he’s over. His gavel already made him seem like everyone’s boss. He’d be able to hold down the fort until he can get back into the ring. He already has been out for a while, though, so it might not be worth it if he’s close to returning anyway. staff writer Evan Cross can be reached at . Follow him on Twitter at .

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