WWE Week In Review: The Good And The Bad (07/19/15-07/25/15)

ith WWE Battleground in the rearview mirror, fans were left to decipher what all of it meant in preparation for SummerSlam. Despite recent poor ratings, the WWE Universe could...
Credit: Fruity Pebbles promotional art
Credit: Fruity Pebbles promotional art
With WWE Battleground in the rearview mirror, fans were left to decipher what all of it meant in preparation for SummerSlam. Despite recent poor ratings, the WWE Universe could soon be getting awarded for their loyalty. The quality of both Raw and SmackDown improved in recent weeks, and WWE appears to be gearing up for a monumental night in Brooklyn come August 23.

Editor’s Note: This article was authored prior to the Hulk Hogan scandal and will not be referenced below, as our staff has covered the scandal at length. Click here to see our ongoing coverage on Hulk Hogan’s termination by WWE amid allegations of racism.


Deadman Rises

The return of the Undertaker was heavily rumored going into Battleground, and it was assumed he would be seeking revenge upon Brock Lesnar for ending his WrestleMania undefeated streak. But, it remained to be seen how his arrival would affect the outcome of Lesnar’s match against Seth Rollins, whose reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion has felt as though it’s been nearing an end ever since Money in the Bank.

While the Deadman rising is always what’s best for business, the results of his two latest appearances have been somewhat mixed. For starters, Lesnar vs. Rollins felt rushed, and, as it turned out, it didn’t need to be. The event ended almost 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

The entire sequence would have been more effective if the match was extended. It was still a Heavyweight Championship match, regardless of what outcome the WWE creative team drew up. Instead, it felt as though Rollins was used as a pawn. Give us a quality Championship match, THEN give us the return of the Undertaker.

The fun really kicked in the next night. More surprising than his return at Battleground was the way Raw kicked off, with the sound of the gong and Taker cutting a bad-ass promo. Later on, when he and Lesnar went at it while being held back by much of the WWE roster, the two put together the most memorable moment on Raw in quite some time.

Wyatt Family Reunion

I’ve been an advocate of this for quite some time. The Wyatts have always brought on limitless storyline possibilities and undeniable intrigue, and I think WWE creative understands that Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper bring out the best in each other. Wyatt needed a big win like this perhaps more than anyone else in WWE, and Harper has failed to get over without Wyatt as his anchor. Gifted in the ring and probably underrated on the microphone, it’s great to see Harper back in the limelight. Re-watching the Wyatt Family vs. the Shield at last year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is enough to give me goosebumps thinking of what’s to come.

That being said, Erick Rowan will still be sidelined for another 3-5 months with a torn bicep. Could the creative team look to add a third family member in the meantime? There are a few possibilities, but two NXT superstars immediately come to mind: Baron Corbin and Solomon Crowe. My vote would be for Corbin. He has the size and agility to mesh wonderfully with Wyatt and Harper.

Man of Mystery

In an industry that can be somewhat predictable at times, it’s always fun when fans have very little idea as to what’s going to happen next. That can be said right now about World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. With Lesnar sidetracked by the Undertaker, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose teaming together to take on the Wyatts, and John Cena, Kevin Owens, and Cesaro all wrapped up in the WWE United States Championship picture, we patiently await Rollins’ next challenger.

It was also nice to see Rollins win a clean match on SmackDown this week against Cesaro—arguably the two best in-ring performers on the WWE roster right now.


The Champ is STILL Here

In what was another outstanding match between John Cena and Kevin Owens, the result was certainly a little disappointing. One can argue that the quality, not the result, is what matters, but when talking about Cena that can be a tricky sentiment. Creative is notorious for throwing Cena in long, heated feuds, and Cena has almost always come out on top. His opponents, as a result, tend to lose steam and credibility. Wyatt and Rusev are just two recent cases that come to mind.

But what Owens has on his side, other than his excellent overall talent, is the appeal of still being “new.” He has run rampant ever since coming to WWE. He has taken the NXT Title away from good friend Sami Zayn, injuring him in the process. He put on a memorable match against Finn Balor in Japan, and three near-legendary matches against Cena, all the while becoming one of the most prolific heels in the business. He has already accomplished so much in such little time. This isn’t your average Cena opponent.

Not to mention the possibility of Owens winning the U.S. Title at SummerSlam remains very much in play. If WWE adds Cesaro into the fold and makes it a Triple Threat match, fans will be glued to their TV sets.

Celtic Champion?

Sheamus hasn’t done much since becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, although it’s only been a little over a month. But for someone who has never gained much of a pop, and as someone who many fans disapproved of carrying the briefcase, it would be in WWE’s best interest to have him act on his World Heavyweight Championship shot sooner rather than later.

I wrote awhile back that Sheamus could be best utilized by being recruited into the Authority in an enforcer-type role. I think that could still be a solid way to maximum Sheamus as both a heel and Mr. Money in the Bank, especially in Kane’s absence. Which brings me back to Seth Rollins. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Authority finally turning on Rollins in time for SummerSlam, something that has felt imminent for some time now.

Enter the Celtic Warrior. I think it could be the best way to go about it for everyone involved.

Thin Tag Team Division

The Prime Time Players have been fine WWE Tag Team Champions, but it’s no secret that they haven’t gotten over as much as the creative team had hoped. At the same time, there’s really not much they can do. The tag team division has been decimated by injuries to Jey Uso, Tyson Kidd and Erick Rowan, and it’s appearing more and more likely that the New Day’s time has come and gone.

The WWE Universe was thrown a curveball on Raw this week when Los Matadores escaped with a win over the Prime Time Players, thanks to some help from the New Day. I have nothing against the Matadores, but are we actually supposed to take them seriously as heels? The tag team division is in desperate need of a shot in the arm. It doesn’t help that the Lucha Dragons, while fun to watch, are babyfaces and, The Ascension, although clear-cut heels, have done next to nothing to deserve a mere appearance on Raw or SmackDown.

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