Alpert: The Club Should Meet The Family

A rivalry between The Club and the Wyatt Family will bring out the Too Sweets and Fireflies, writes Yale Alpert.

A recent episode of Raw featured the cement drying between AJ Styles and his buddies from Japan, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Since the WWE debut of one of the greatest pairs of IWGP Tag Team Champions, the WWE Creative team were in a pickle as babyface Styles became associated with the heel tag team.

During a marquee promo, which saw Styles and a returning John Cena together in a WWE ring for the first time ever, Styles made the unexpected heel turn by attacking Cena while his brethren were coming down the ramp to confront Styles for turning his back on them the week prior.

After seeing the action transpire that Monday night with Styles turning on Cena and Gallows and Anderson attacking the New Day earlier in the card, the WWE Universe will see further action in each rivalry. However, since there are two different rivalries going on, it’s time for creative to think about rivalries for The Club now that they are a concrete three-man heel faction. As time goes on, a great match for The Club would be against the Wyatt Family.

The WWE Universe hasn’t seen much action from the Wyatt Family since injuries to Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper left them on the shelves. Soon, it will be time for the Wyatt Family to return back to where they left off. The most recent significant happening involving the Wyatt Family was the Raw After WrestleMania 32, which featured a supposed face-turn and a huge crowd pop as Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman attacked the now-defunct faction League of Nations.

Before Wyatt’s injury, the projected Wyatt Family-League of Nations matchup should have been one of the most anticipated in the upcoming pay-per-view, Payback. WWE Creative has tried many ways for Wyatt to get over, pitting him in rivalries with the likes of Chris Jericho, Cena, and Roman Reigns—all of which led to a blank space for Bray. WWE Creative maintaining the babyface status that the Wyatt Family garnered after their attack on the League of Nations and pitting them in a rivalry with The Club is the perfect way to have the Wyatt Family return, and both factions would get over in their perspective gimmicks.

Bray Wyatt has the talent to step in the ring with Styles, while Gallows and Anderson versus the supporting cast would be a perfect clash of each faction’s titans. A match between these two groups could make room for great build-up to pay-per-views such as Battleground or SummerSlam, as the perfect return for the Wyatt Family could be during this Sunday’s Money in the Bank, attacking either Gallows and Anderson or Styles as he takes on John Cena, with Gallows and Anderson predictably at ringside.

Either way, a rivalry of The Club and the Wyatt Family has the potential to be the best storyline for the Wyatts since they pit themselves against The Shield, and could be the non-title related highlight of the summer in WWE.

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