Levin: Examining Austin’s Take On Reigns Turning Heel

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently said that Roman Reigns needs to turn heel. Wrestledelphia's David Levin examines.

Steve Austin thinks Roman Reigns should turn heel to finally get over with the fans. It has been my belief for the longest time that the only way Reigns is ever going to be universally loved is for him to turn on Dean Ambrose and then at some point, much like his cousin The Rock, become the babyface we all know and admire.

The same held true for Steve Austin, who was aided by the match with Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13, where he passed out in the Sharpshooter “from the pain” which led to his eventual turn from good to evil.

Here’s what The Rattlesnake had to say regarding a Reigns heel turn:

“I predicted this all along. The kid has got to have a heel run before he’s going to be universally loved because that’s just the way that I see it. I’ve always said that I think the guy needs to be a heel first, but, nonetheless, that’s not my call. That’s the booking committee’s call or Vince’s call. That’s what’s going to make it fun again because everybody is going to be so onboard with booing him! I’m telling you, once he goes through that process, whether that takes one year, two years, whatever, then, they’re going to end up loving the guy.” — Steve Austin, The Steve Austin Show

I’m not going to take all the credit, but it makes all the sense in the world. Triple H was being cheered by the fans during a recent Raw for beating the snot out of Reigns in the show’s final segment, and on SmackDown, the company appeared to be piping in boos for the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion because it appears no one wants to see Reigns win the title. We know it’s inevitable, but it’s not coming with approval from the masses.

Austin also mentioned that Reigns would need to perform at his peak if he hopes to capture his WrestleMania Moment and become the company’s face. I don’t see that happening, although, he is better than he has ever been in the ring. What I had hoped for was more of the “beast” he portrayed after WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs when he obliterated Triple H in the first place. There has been too much regression to think he can move back toward that kind of character.

And more to the point, does his ‘Mania match against WWE Champion Triple H matter in the eyes of the fans? There are too many other variables taking place within WWE, and on paper, this might be the third or fourth most important match at WrestleMania 32. That’s a sad commentary on the state of wrestling and recent events have allowed us all to take an interest in the show called the “McMahon Family Values”.

One of the greatest things about WWE is the fact we never know who will appear under the big top of Vince McMahon’s circus. Two weeks ago, we were all pleasantly surprised when Shane McMahon made his triumphant return. Finally, Family Feud returned to professional wrestling.

But even with the change in direction of programming and the new match instituted for Dallas with Shane and The Undertaker, the focus of this event should still be on Triple H putting Reigns over—which we all know isn’t happening like Vince planned. The only way to save this program and this script is for Reigns to turn, maybe a double turn in the match, and somehow keep the feud between the McMahon’s away from any heat involving Triple H.

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