Best Bets: WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs ’15

Who will be the winners and losers at TLC?

I was nervous making these picks.

As has been discussed ad nauseum, the product has been so boring and lame lately, so my swerve meter is off the charts. I could see every match except one reasonably going either way. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but I’ve done the best I can.

You know the drill: I am betting imaginary jellybeans for each match (based on SkyBet’s odds) and keeping track of my “winnings.” I’m dividing my picks into three categories: 🔒Locks™, Solid Picks and Stay Aways. I will bet 10 jellybeans on the 🔒Locks™, five on the Solid Picks, and none on the Stay Aways.

FOOTNOTE: Paddy Power does not have complete odds yet, for some reason, which is why I’m using SkyBet.

Here are my TLC picks. Remember that I’m not necessarily picking the winner, but the one that I feel is the best bet.


Singles Match

Rusev: 1/2 (-200)

Ryback: 3/2 (+150)

Pick: Rusev

Rusev is the only one with a storyline (sort of). Ryback is just there. If this face-off happened a year ago, it’d be a semi-main event match, but this year it’s just a match.

Solid Picks

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day (c): 4/9 (-225)

The Usos: 11/5 (+220)

Lucha Dragons: 13/2 (+650)

Pick: Lucha Dragons

The New Day has squirrelled away with wins for a few months now. It seems like they’re being set up to drop the belts, and I’m predicting a swerve – everyone sees the Usos as the favorite, but the Lucha Dragons have the potential to be a top face tag team. Now’s the time to pull the trigger.

Singles Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens (c): 4/11 (-275)

Dean Ambrose: 2/1 (+200)

Pick: Kevin Owens

This feud hasn’t been given enough time to set much up, so I’m picking Owens, as Ambrose won the first matchup and this is a great example of 50/50 booking.

Stay Aways

Chairs Match for the WWE United States Championship

Alberto Del Rio (c): 4/11 (-275)

Jack Swagger: 2/1 (+200)

Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Only reason this isn’t a lock is that I could see Colter having a role. It would be pretty insane for Swagger to suddenly rocket back into a title, but maybe the WWE wants to shock us.

Singles Match For The WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte (c): 1/4 (-400)

Paige: 11/4 (+275)

Pick: Charlotte

I see Charlotte dropping the belt eventually to a fellow Revolutionary Diva. Paige will be over, even with a loss. If Charlotte drops it, they’ll need to spend 5 minutes cleaning the ring of Flair tears.

Eight-man Tag Team Elimination Tables Match

The Wyatt Family: 2/9 (-450)

ECW Originals: 3/1 (+300)

Pick: The Wyatt Family

As I said on the podcast, the Wyatts largely beat people below them on the card and lose to those above them. The Dudleys and two part-timers are below them.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus (c): 1/3 (-300)

Roman Reigns: 9/4 (+225)

Pick: Sheamus

There have been too many resources poured into Sheamus to have him drop the belt so soon. Sheamus 5:15 and the League of Nations deserve more than 3 weeks to make an impact. Reigns will win the belt back – just not at TLC.

Overall record to date: 46-31-4

Jellybeans won to date: 45.72 on a 28-22-4 record

Biggest win: 45 jellybeans (Ryback def. Sheamus, Mark Henry, King Barrett, Dolph Ziggler & R-Truth at Elimination Chamber 2015) columnist Evan Cross can be reached at . Follow him on Twitter .

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