Corrigan’s Corner: DDP Yoga Will Save Every Fat Wrestling Fan’s Life

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a physical trainer, and despite my high-pitched voice, I’m not Richard Simmons. What I am is a 22-year-old pro wrestling fan who tends...

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a physical trainer, and despite my high-pitched voice, I’m not Richard Simmons.

What I am is a 22-year-old pro wrestling fan who tends to get fries with that and pounds a few too many Stevewisers.

But thanks to DDP Yoga, I’ve lost 30 pounds in four months. And you can, too. Actually, you’ll probably lose more because I fell off the wagon for a few weeks in there. Now my review of the fitness program may lack medical credibility; however, that doesn’t stop Dr. Phil.

What is DDP Yoga? According to inventor Diamond Dallas Page, “it’s a kick-ass combination of old-school calisthenics, rehabilitation principles, basic yoga positions, core strength-training, and slow-motion Dynamic Resistance.” That last part is important because it means you build strength without lifting weights. BOULDERDASH, you say? Well, this morning during The Diamond Cutter workout, I legitimately struggled while curling the air. Yup, not a single object in my hand, but because of the tension I applied throughout the workout, I trembled.

“That means you’re turning muscles on!”

Day after day of listening to Dallas bark and he becomes more quotable than Mean Girls.

You get three DVDs containing 11 workouts. Dallas provides a 13 week chart of which workouts to do on each day. It’s definitely helpful and meticulously planned, because you never feel that any workout is too difficult as long as you follow the chart and adequately build up your ability.

Now this is where I differ from the norm—I don’t use a yoga mat, a heart rate monitor, or even have water next to me, as Dallas suggests before every workout. Oh, and I do it in the nude. (Sleep tight, Amanda.)

There is also a DDP Yoga Nutrition Guide included which provides a list of healthy foods and portion sizes to comprise your diet. Although I stick to eggs, fruit, chicken, fish, and Greek yogurt, it’s comforting to know there are a variety of nutritious options available rather than getting on a first name basis with the cashier at Subway.

As for the workouts themselves, there’s not much to say other than you’ll bust your ass during them and feel great afterward. I’m flexible now, stronger, and energized for the day. My favorite workouts are the Fat Burner and Below the Belt, both around 30 minutes of cardio and strengthening. The 13-minute Red Hot Core session is probably the most popular, though. It’s designed to trim your waist and brother, you’ll feel the flab melting away.

I will admit that DDP Yoga isn’t my sole exercise; I run after work to increase cardio and stamina, and because I foolishly signed up for a 5K. But if you’re dedicated to the nutrition guide and adhere to the chart, DDP Yoga will be all you need to achieve your goals.

In conclusion, if you want a workout that is easy to get into and produces noticeable results—which I think everyone trying to lose weight wants—then DDP Yoga is your best choice. assistant editor John Corrigan can be reached at . Follow him on Twitter at .

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