Corrigan’s Corner: 10 Most Absurd ‘Raw’ Guest Hosts

Yes, Grumpy Cat is No. 1.

With ratings falling faster than Kevin Nash in a 10-man tag, Vinnie Mac may get desperate and resort to outrageous measures such as giving away millions of dollars or blowing himself up or calling Wayne Brady.

Yes, the black guy from “Whose Line” was once summoned to help attract more eyes to the product because hey, if it worked for Drew Carey, it will work for WWE.

We entertain, MAGGLE!

Unfortunately, Brady is only one of dozens of blips on the pop culture radar that WWE recruited to host Raw during an 11-month period toward the beginning of the decade. Race car drivers, singers, commercial stars, anyone with 15 seconds of fame was invited to show up and attempt to fit in the world of suplexes and midget bulls.

Here are the ten most absurd ‘Raw’ guest hosts ever:

10) Al Sharpton

President Obama’s “go-to black leader” took over the reins of Raw in Albany during the last week of September 2009. Despite lifting Apollo Creed’s “Living in America” as his entrance theme, the Reverend received boos as soon as he grabbed the mic and demanded education reform. Seems like New Yorkers are cruel, but if your local government tried to prevent Big Gulps, you’d say F the kids, too.

Instead of a Matt Striker or Dean Douglas cameo, the schools’ supporter was joined by MVP and Mark Henry, who requested a Tag Team Championship match against Jeri-Show. To prove how hated Jericho was during that timeframe, he actually got the crowd to cheer Sharpton for granting MVP & Henry a title shot.

9) Florence Henderson

Carol Brady, the mother of Danny Trejo in the Snickers commercial, hadn’t been relevant since the early 1970s, but that didn’t stop Michael Cole from gushing over her appearance in Kentucky in July of 2010. Because WWE is a big, dysfunctional family, in which Uncle Jerry’s heart attack gets filmed and Grandpa Ric’s feelings don’t matter and ex-girlfriend Chyna can’t get invited over for Thanksgiving anymore, a mother was needed.

And who better than the matriarch of the Brady Bunch? Probably Casey Anthony.

8) Mini-Me

You’re expecting a battle with Hornswoggle, right? Well, Verne Troyer is from Hollywood, so he probably didn’t want to be reduced to a yet another dwarf joke. Instead, he verbally jousted with a real A-lister, The Miz, and rapped with Mark Henry after the World’s Strongest Man flattened Maryse’s hubby.



7) Buzz Aldrin

The second person to walk on the Moon actually stepped foot into the squared circle. It’s a cool coup for WWE to boast about; however, it would have made a bit more sense to host Buzz in the U.S. of A. rather than Toronto.

6) The Muppets

About five years before their return to primetime TV, Jim Henson’s lovable cast of furry characters invaded Raw to promote their film titled “The Muppets.” Seeing Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang was fun for a whacky Halloween night, but it still seemed dated. Although Stadler and Waldorf appear right at home when it comes to a John Cena match, the Muppets were most popular in the 1980s, during the Rock N’ Wrestling Era. Junkyard Dog and Beaker, George Steele and Animal, c’mon now!

5) David Hasselhoff

If anyone on this list would mesh best with professional wrestling, it’s The Hoff. Exuding hubris and lacking self-awareness, the “Baywatch” star would be an ideal heel manager. He’s reminiscent of The Miz, but with European adoration and somewhat musical ability.

4) Betty White

Sorry Mae Young, the original saucy-mouthed grandma holds the record for oldest human being to appear on Raw. Unlike celebrities before her, Betty White didn’t grapple or insult the fans’ intelligence. The TV legend simply showed up to a huge ovation, accompanied by the Big Show, and shouted, “I’m gonna kick some ass!”

3) Flavor Flav

Remember him? Noooo Booooyyyy! Well, he was a member of hip hop group Public Enemy, and then became VH1’s posterchild for reality shows. His true claim to wrasslin’ fame is when Jimmy Kimmel called Chris Benoit a better father at Flav’s Comedy Central Roast. But we’ll let him slide for this horrid Raw appearance because if not, we’d never get to hear William Regal’s freestyle.

2) Jared from Subway

And you thought The Hulkster was blacklisted…

1) Grumpy Cat

Just last year, the viral sensation known as Grumpy Cat took center stage on Raw to do absolutely nothing. But it got folks talking, and that’s the danger with ratings tanking. Sure, it can force Stone Cold and D-X to break barriers and redefine the genre, but it can also motivate plump, pissed off felines to cover our TV screens and take up time better spent on building the future of the business.

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